2021-04-15 | Data Mapper | v. 5.1.0


The document announces new features and changes for this release of DataMapper.

About this release

This release includes new functionality designed to improve the security of user passwords, reenables .zip and .pst archive scanning and presents additional processes in data scanning flows.


Encryption of Exchange passwords

Exchange integration supports older versions that require passwords be transferred in cleartext. No passwords are stored by us. They are not logged, either inside or outside of the system. Passwords are encrypted secretly in Azure KeyVault, a reliable solution that has been tested for this purpose. Only the system can retrieve them at a user's request.

Processing of files within.zip and .pst archives re-enabled

The archive types .zip and .pst are now supported again. The processing flow discovers files within these types of archives and adds them to the final results. The archives can be processed from any data source.

Flagging passport, driver's license and credit card numbers

This release integrates improved Named Entity Recognition (NER) algorithms that can locate and classify named entities in unstructured text into predefined categories. This allows DataMapper to find passport numbers, driver's license numbers and credit card numbers.

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