2021-05-18 | DataMapper | v. 5.5.0


The document announces new features and changes for this release of DataMapper.

About this release

This release presents additional processes in data scanning flows along with increased processing speeds and reduced load on servers.


Processing of email body content in Exchange

DataMapper can now transform email messages (Exchange only) into text files and process them in the same way as regular documents. To use the new Exchange email body scan feature, users who have already scanned their Exchange can go to My Locations > Exchange and select UPDATE. The documents list and statistics in the Dashboard will then be updated to include new data from their Exchange email body content.


  • Only NEW email bodies and attachments will be processed, even when updating.
  • The user logged in must be the one who uploaded a document for it to be processed. Otherwise, the user will see a ‘Forbidden’ message.
  • To use Exchange with DataMapper, a user must be able to open mails in the Outlook Web App.

Reduced load on servers and faster processing times when scanning emails

This version reduces processing times and resource consumption when scanning email bodies for sensitive data with several changes including smarter filters that can recognize those emails (e.g., spam) that will not contain sensitive data and exclude them from processing.  Marketing emails, for example, will be excluded based on keywords in the sender fields, or when they are responded to by a robot.

Path to original document location

Local and Network links will work for all existing documents in the system. So a document will open at the original location only if it still exists there. Once opening the location, the document will be selected.

Access to Help Center from the top bar

This version will allow users to access our Help Center from the top bar of DataMapper.

Update to DataMapper v 5.5.0

For Windows users, the app should update automatically

Mac users may need to re-download manually from https://datamapper.safeonline.dk

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