Connectid Mail - Add a TrustedLink

A TrustedLink is a secure upload point you can add to your website or to your email signature to create a private, encrypted folder where customers, colleagues and others can securely upload confidential documents and person-sensitive data.

Add a TrustedLink (you must be a Connectid Mail Admin)

  1. Open the Connectid Mail window in Outlook
  2. Click Admin in the bottom left to open Admin settings in your browser
  3. Choose Folders
  4. Choose TrustedLinks
  5. Choose New TrustedLinks
  6. Give your TrustedLink a name. This will help you organize incoming files, since you may want to create more TrustedLinks later for different purposes. You can make a TrustedLink just for yourself or for a whole department...or for your whole organization. Note that adding TrustedLinks may increase your monthly subscription fee, so check your Connectid Mail plan for details.
  7. Click accept and create

Create a consent form for your new TrustedLink

Next, create a customized consent form and add it to your new TrustedLink. This ensures that everyone who shares data with you gives you proper consent first.

  1. Choose Consent from the top bar
  2. Choose Add Consent from the top right
  3. Give the consent form a name to go with the TrustedLink you just created
  4. Add a clear, easy-to-understand consent message. It should state that the person understands and agrees to your company processing their data, and it can include a link to your privacy policy
  5. From the “Type” dropdown, select TrustedLink
  6. Set as Active

Add the consent form to your newTrustedLink

  1. Go to Folders
  2. Look for the TrustedLink you just created
  3. Click the … menu to its right
  4. Choose edit
  5. Select the new consent from the dropdown to attach it to your TrustedLink

Add users

You can invite other members of your team to use the same TrustedLink to collect information and access it by adding users.

  1. Select your new TrustedLink from the list
  2. Click Manage Sharing from the top right
  3. Click Add User
  4. Select users to add from the drop-down menu. You can select as many users as you like to allow them to share, access and use the new TrustedLink

Add a logo 

Make sure you’ve added a logo so that when people click on your TrustedLink they will see it and feel confident they are in the right place to share their data with you securely. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Company settings
  3. Upload your logo if you haven’t already done so

Add the TrustedLink to your email signature

Now your TrustedLink is ready to use. You can add the link to your email signature, your website, to your applications and forms, or anywhere you like to make it easy for your customers, colleagues, and others to securely upload confidential documents and person-sensitive data properly, with consent and full documentation. Here's how to add a TrustedLink to your email signature in Outlook:

  1. Go to your new TrustedLink under Admin settings> Folders
  2. Click copy link
  3. Go to your email signature
  4. Paste the link and edit the text to display with the link

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