2021-07-18 | Connectid Mail | v.


This document announces new features and changes for this release of Connectid Mail.

About this release

This release includes improvements in the Super Admin surveillance log, smoother updates for personal accounts and updates for Microsoft .Net Core.


Performance improvements in the surveillance log

The Super Admin's surveillance log has been improved, with faster access and optimized performance, allowing Super Admin to find specific company activity more quickly.

Optional company domain address verification for updates

Mandatory verification of a company's domain address to update an account has been removed. Originally, all accounts created had a company domain attached. But when we introduced AzureB2C authentication allowing individuals (without a company domain) to create “Personal” accounts, there were problems when updating. Now, the company domain address is optional for updates. 

Version update for Microsoft .Net Core

Connectid Mail's deployment pipeline, docker build, MS build and the add-in itself ran with .Net Core 2.0, which was recently deprecated. This version was updated to run with Microsoft .Net Core 2.1. Further changes and updates will be made for the next release to run with Microsoft .Net Core version 3.1.

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