2021-08-00 | DataMapper | v. 5.7.0


The document announces new features and changes for this release of DataMapper.

About this release

An improved onboarding process makes it easier for admins to get their invited users started and coordinate data tracking across a company. This version's dashboard also has new features that enhance usability for admins and users. For example, if a user has been through the onboarding process but left some steps unfinished or wants to make changes, the dashboard will show options to finish those setup tasks/make changes at any time. Risk assessment criteria, including the definition of high-risk documents, have been revised for a more fine-tuned risk score. Adjusted algorithms prevent CPR and CC numbers from being accidentally excluded from scan results. 


New options to centralize/decentralize tasks

Admins decide the access they want their users to have

During onboarding, admins can select specific locations they'd like their users to scan and choose whether:

  1. Invited users simply initiate a scan by connecting their storage locations with all results going straight back to the admin. 
  2. Invited users are more involved in mapping their own data by downloading the app and letting them view their results from their own dashboard.
Users give consent before connecting data locations they have been invited to scan 

Users will receive a link in an email explaining that a colleague has invited them to DataMapper and scan documents from their local computer, emails and/or cloud storages. After following the link to create a password, if their admin has asked them to connect specific email/cloud data storage locations, they will be prompted to authenticate and give consent by entering their username and password inline (e.g, Exchange) or they may be redirected to the secure provider (e.g., Microsoft, Google, Dropbox). The user starts the scan and the admin is notified. The user may be invited to download the DataMapper desktop application and log in to scan local storage.

Admins and users can finish onboarding tasks or change preferences at any time 

Admins and Users can now complete onboarding tasks that were unfinished/interrupted or change preferences at any time. Users, for example, can go back to finish connecting storage locations their admin invited them to scan. Admins go back to can finish connecting their own storage locations, add sensitive names, or add new users/new admins + invite them to scan specific locations.

New risk score criteria w/ revised definition of high-risk data 

We've adjusted our risk assessment criteria to give more priority to sensitive numbers. By definition, high-risk documents must now include sensitive numbers, e.g., CPR numbers, credit card numbers, passport numbers, etc. Our new risk assessment formula takes all "risk" and "high-risk" documents (including duplicates in multiple locations) into account to give you a more accurate score.

Business analytics + new reminders, alerts, and options

The admin dashboard and risk documents table will now include:

  • Business analytics
  • Current processing status
  • High-risk documents highlighted
  • Filters gathering the values within each column
  • A helper in each table cell with more about the data contained in specific documents
  • Option to add more sensitive names
  • Option to add more team members

A new feature for all user dashboards:

  • Reminder/option to finish scanning locations selected previously, or ones a company has invited the user to scan

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