PrivacyWallet FAQ

PrivacyWallet FAQ

What does PrivacyWallet do?

PrivacyWallet makes it easy to find, request or delete your data. We want you to feel secure and have an overview of the companies that store your personal data. With PrivacyWallet you can make the following requests to companies right from the app:

  • Give you access to your data 
  • Send your data to you or someone else 
  • Update or correct your data 
  • Object to a company's use of your data
  • Restrict a company's use of your data
  • Delete your data 
  • Be informed if a data breach has affected your data

PrivacyWallet is a personal information manager (PIM) tool that gives you back control of your personal sensitive data.

How is this free?

Safe Online delivers both free and paid solutions to companies and individuals. All the features of PrivacyWallet are free. You can send requests for free, right from your phone with the PrivacyWallet app, and companies receive your verified requests for free. We hope you'll check out the rest of our free and paid software at

Will you sell my data?

We will never share or sell any of your personal data.

We do collect generic data on how our products or services are used so we can improve. For example, it’s helpful for us to know how many of our users are from outside the EU. Or how many requests certain industries receive compared to others. This type of browsing/behavioral data cannot be connected to you or used to identify you or to contact you.

We take your privacy very seriously. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to read more in our Privacy Policy.

How do you keep my data safe?

Connectid Personal is developed in a zero-knowledge, hyper-secure environment that keeps your data encrypted and available to you – and ONLY  you.

If you choose to save your progress (including the companies/connections you’ve found with Connectid Personal) only you can see it. Our team has zero access to your data. In fact, we don’t even have your password, so make sure you keep it, we can’t reset it if you lose it.

How does the email scan work?

PrivacyWallet's email scan finds companies you've communicated with that store your personal data. The app only scans the ‘from’ and ‘date’ fields. Never the messages themselves. 

Your privacy is important to us. Here are a few promises:

  • Connectid Personal only scans the “from” and “date” fields of emails you receive
  • No other information from the email is collected during this process
  • You can scan multiple email accounts
  • We care about privacy, read more in the app’s privacy policy

Can I just request all the companies that have my data delete it?

You have the right to delete your data with most of the companies that store your data, and with PrivacyWallet, it is easy to request a company to delete your data. 

Remember that some companies, such as public companies, have the right to have some information about you. Other companies that you currently have a business relationship with need some of your data to continue providing you services without interruption. In any case, PrivacyWallet helps you find all of them, along with what information they have about you. You decide if who can keep it.

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