2022-06-02 | DataMapper | v. 6.0.0

The document announces new features and changes for this release of DataMapper.

About this release

This version introduces a new integration with OneDrive, plus easy access to sensitive files and folders found. Users will also be able to see the date of the last scan of each storage location on the folder selection tree.


New integration with OneDrive 

Users can now use DataMapper to find sensitive company data in OneDrive. OneDrive can be connected with DataMapper from the My locations tab, and sensitive files found can be reviewed from the Risk documents tab. Users can now:
  • See who created a file and the date that it was created   
  • Open a OneDrive file from directly DataMapper (with Office viewer, as a webpage, etc.) 
  • Open folders containing sensitive files directly from DataMapper

Date of last scan added

When selecting folders to scan from the My locations tab, users will see the date each folder was last scanned to its right with a link to view scan history.


Find sensitive data in OneDrive with DataMapper from the Data locations tab:

 Date of the last scan is shown next to each location:

Scan history for each location can be accessed from the Data locations tab:

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