2021-14-11 | Connectid Mail | v.


The document announces new features and changes for this release of Connectid Mail.

About this release

This release introduces a download button for data sent in response to a user request. 


New download button 

When a user requests data from someone with Connectid Mail, they get a notification when the files are sent back and ready to view. The link in that notification email takes them to a secure folder with a list of files and a View button. After viewing the files, they can choose to save them temporarily in a personal or shared folder within Connectid Mail.

This release adds a new Download button along with the View/Save data buttons, allowing users to download files directly to a local drive. This makes a total of three options for users who receive data in response to a request:

  1. View only
  2. Download to a local drive
  3. Save temporarily in a secure Connectid Mail folder. Data is auto-deleted after 7 days by default. This retention period can be changed in admin settings, up to a max of 32 days.


New option to download data to a local drive:

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