Connectid Business - Data entry template settings

Data entry template setup

Go to Settings, then Templates.

To set up for easy data entry and to quickly respond to data requests, start the setup wizard. It will guide you through three steps:

Step 1: Choose the sector profile that best describes your company. You can only select one. Your selection will impact which input forms and tags appear in the following steps.

Step 2: Select from a collection of input forms generated for your sector.  Choose the forms that best describe the type of personal information your company collects.  Your selections will be shown in the next step.

Step 3: Review the collection of data tags that have been produced especially for the type of data your company handles.  Data tags will encourage individuals to be specific in their requests and help you organize and fill the requests more efficiently.

After finishing Step 3, you will be returned to Template settings. Now, you can see all the input forms you selected in the wizard. The input forms are ready to use as they are, or you may customize them further.

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