v. 2.0.0 | Request Portal | 2020 Jan. 29.

v. 2.0.0 | Request Portal | 2020 Jan. 29.


This document communicates major new features and changes for this release of Connectid Business.

About this release

This release introduces a new request portal that allows for all types of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). The release consists of two main changes: A customizable Request Portal and new features throughout Connectid Business to work with the new Request Portal. 

Features and improvements

Request Portal Features

The new Request Portal includes all the Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) types that the GDPR gives an individual the right to make from data controllers:

  • Right of access (Art 15)
  • Right to data portability (Art.20)
  • Right of rectification (Art 16)
  • Right to object (Art 21)
  • Right to restrict usage (Art 18)
  • Right to erasure (Art 17)

The Request Portal is “born” with all request types active and a set of default text with explanations and guidelines about different requests and about data held and managed by the company. Admins can edit and customise default text. To set up the request types that are displayed on the request portal an Admin can go to Connectid Business Settings > Requests. New features in Connectid Business > Settings. The Requests tab under Settings has been expanded to include:

  1. An URL for editing the text in the Request Portal that is only visible for an Admin
  2. A list of possible request types that allows an Admin to select the request types displayed on the Request Portal
  3. Access to edit text in emails, with one email per request type
Improvements to the CRC

First of all, more information is now displayed as part of the new design,  the expected design will expand this much further. This version’s CRC includes:

  1. Request ID
  2. Request types
  3. Authentication method
  4. The comment from the Requester
Three new CRC structures depending on the request type
  1. Data Portability: CRC Includes templates, files and (new) comment 
  2. Data Access: CRC includes files and comment
  3. Object, Rectify, Restrict and Erase Data: CRC includes comments
New CRC features
  • Additional information (request ID, request type and authentication method)
  • Option to view comments from the requester (will be included in email
  • Updates to handle new request types – with and without data upload
  • Data access and data portability request CRCs include a file upload
  • Data portability request CRCs include form templates
Other features
  • The dashboard has been expanded to display request types.
  • The Request page has been expanded to display request types and enable users to filter request types.
  • The Reporting page has been expanded to handle new request types, including improved search of request types.
  • Setup of the Request Portal (incl. types of requests)
  • Setup of emails related to new request types (formulation)
  • Updated Dashboard (to handle new request types)
  • Updated Request page (to handle new request types – incl. search)
  • Improved search in Reporting for audit purposes
  • All requests allow for a comment (in text format) from the system user to the requester. The comment will be added to the email sent to a requester when a request is completed.

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