v. 2.1.0 | Client Request Card (CRC) improved | 2020 Mar. 07.

v. 2.1.0 | Client Request Card (CRC) improved | 2020 Mar. 07.


The document communicates the major new features and changes in this release of the Connectid Business.

About this release

The release consists of two major features:
  • Improve Client Request Cards (CRC) – look and feel
  • New links and improved management of links


Improved CRC look and feel
Client Request Cards (CRC) is now aligned with the initial approved design, that was down prioritized in connection with v. 2.0.0 (Request Portal). The change is primarily look and feel – and navigation between the different areas of Request information (data, client profile, history etc.). No new functionality has been added.
 New links and improved management of links
This release includes improved handling of links, with an adjusted, more generic, link structure. Instead of updating links manually and directly in the code, it is now configured from a central place. This update required renaming properties in the solution (in the code) with more intuitive naming.

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