v. | WordPress Plugin | 2020 May. 27.

v. | WordPress Plugin | 2020 May. 27.


The document describes major new features and changes for this release of the Connectid Business plugin for WooCommerce users in WordPress Plugins. 

About this release

This release includes an initial version of the plugin, an extension of Connectid Business functionality for WordPress users. The new plugin works with the e-commerce plugin WooCommerce to set up retail website/e-commerce stores that support GDPR related queries.
Adding and activating the plugin in WordPress and setting it up with a WooCommerce key and secret will connect it to a newly created Connectid Business account, with a specialized version of the request portal that focuses on data portability requests only.
The principle of Data Portability, as outlined in the GDPR, gives individuals the rights to their personal data and allows them to request a copy of it at any time.


  • Integrate with Conectid Business. The Connectid Business portal for WordPress makes a bridge between the actual application and the customer. The plugin allows WordPress site owners to create a user credential in Connected Business and manage the connection from WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Invite additional users. Once the owner of the WooCommerce site is connected to Connectid Business, the plugin has the functionality to invite additional users to manage the request portal and incoming requests.
  • Customize the request portal. As a site owner, you can make the customizations needed for your WooCommerce site.
  • Track requests. A request list is created by the plugin under the tab GDPR Requests, where site owners can view the status of incoming requests.
  • Add the request portal link in WordPress. The plugin has the functionality to add a request portal link as a widget to footers or sidebars, or as a block in the Gutenburg editor when creating or editing pages.
  • Customers can follow the request portal link to the company‚Äôs request portal to submit their data portability request. 

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