Deploy ShareSimple from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Install and deploy ShareSimple as Tenant Admin (for all users in a Tenant) from the Office Store 


To install ShareSimple in a Tenant to be accessed by all users, you need to have an Office365 administrator role for the Office365 Tenant where you want to install the add-in. 

i) Go to

ii) Login with your Office 365 email address and password. 

Install ShareSimple as a Tenant Admin for all users

i) Log in at and go to the Microsoft 365 admin center by clicking Admin:

ii) Click Show all on the left navigation panel:

iii) Under Settings, click Integrated apps:

iv) Click Add-ins:

v) Click deploy Add-ins:

vi) Click next:

vii) Choose Deploy from the Store:

viii) Use the search box to find ShareSimple in the Add-in store and click Add: 

ix) On the Configure add-in page, decide who will get ShareSimple. You can select Everyone, Specific users/groups. Use the Search box to find specific user accounts or groups. Then, click the Deploy button:

Assign users options:

  • Everyone: This option assigns the add-in to every user in the tenant. Use this option sparingly and only for add-ins that are truly universal to your organization. Make sure the number of users you add/remove matches your ShareSimple subscription.
  • Specific users: You can deploy ShareSimple for specific users. Make sure the number of users you add/remove matches your ShareSimple subscription.
  • Groups: If you assign an add-in to a group, all users added to that group will automatically be assigned the add-in. When a user is removed from a group, the user automatically loses access. 
  • Just me: If you assign an add-in to just yourself, this assigns the add-in to only your account. This is ideal if you wish to test out the add-in first.
  • Pick the option that is right for your organization. 

    Microsoft recommends assigning Add-ins to groups. As an admin, you may find it easier to manage add-ins using groups and add or remove users from groups rather than having to change the users assigned. 

    In some situations, you may want to restrict access to a very small set of users by choosing specific users. As a result, you will need to manage the assigned users manually.

    x) The add-in has been deployed. You can follow the on-page instructions to test that the add-in has deployed successfully.

    Note: Users may need to relaunch Office to see the add-in icon appear on the ribbon of the app. Outlook add-ins can take up to 12 hours to appear on users' ribbons.

    xi) You will get an email you can use to announce the add-in to your users, if you like.  Click Close to finish.

    xiii) ShareSimple can now be found on assigned users' Outlook, in the "..." menu.

    Web app:




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