Update ShareSimple on Outlook web app


To update to a newer version of an Outlook add-in from Office Store, the previously installed version needs to be removed from Outlook and then the newer available version should be installed. It’s quite easy to remove and re-install any add-in from Office Store. 


To update ShareSimple you must have a previous version of the add-in installed on your office 365 Outlook account. 

1. Remove ShareSimple from Outlook

Follow the instructions below to remove ShareSimple from Outlook (web or desktop).

i) Open the Add-in store

Outlook web app: Login to your office365 account, open the +New message window inside Outlook. 

ii) Choose the Get Add-ins option from more options at the bottom of the mail Compose area:

iii) Open the My Add-ins tab to see all your installed add-ins:

iv) Click the "..." menu at the bottom left and choose Remove to remove ShareSimple from your Outlook. 

v) The add-in will be removed from your Outlook. 

2. Get the latest version of the add-in 

i) Log in to Outlook with your Microsoft 365 account and open a New message:

ii) Click on the "..." options menu below the message, then choose Get Add-ins to open the add-ins store:

iii) Type ShareSimple in the Office Add-ins search box:

iv) Find ShareSimple and click the Add button, review its privacy policy, and then click Continue to finish adding it to your Outlook:

2.3. Add ShareSimple from AppSource

i) Login to your Microsoft 365 account and go to the office store https://appsource.microsoft.com

ii) Search for the ShareSimple and click Get it now:

iii) Review the privacy policy and click on the Continue button.

iv) Now ShareSimple can be found at the bottom of the mail compose area, ready for use:

v) Click on the icon to open the secure ShareSimple window and follow the instructions to start:

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