PrivacyWallet Quick-start guide

Download PrivacyWallet

  1.  Download PrivacyWallet for free on The App Store and on Google Play
  2.  Open PrivacyWallet on your phone or tablet

Find companies

  1.  Click Get started
  2.  Add an email account you want to scan*

*About the scan/security info:

Only “from” and “date” fields are scanned to generate a comprehensive list of companies that may store your data. The app does not access your subjects or message bodies.

A zero-knowledge environment means you are the only one who can see the email addresses/passwords you enter and the results of your scans.

Any personal info you save if you create an account is also protected in the zero-knowledge environment. Any data you send to companies to verify your identity is protected in transit and goes only to them, no one here at SafeOnline will have access to any of your personal data.

Review your companies/connections

  1.  When the scan is finished, your dashboard will show a list of companies that have your data, organized by type
  2.  Choose a type of company or choose all companies, and click the plus sign to view more info

Make data privacy requests

  1. Click on a company to send a data privacy request, for example:
  • Get access to a copy of your data
  • Have your data sent to you or a third party you choose
  • Update your data 
  • Object to the way your data is being used
  • Restrict future use of your data
  • Have your data deleted
  • Be informed in case of a data breach


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