Connectid Personal FAQs

What does Connectid Personal do?

We want to build trust between companies and individuals. That’s why Connectid Personal makes it easy to find, request or delete your data. We want you to feel secure and have an overview of the companies that store your personal data. With Connectid Personal you can request following:

  • All your data (right of access)
  • Structured data transfer for use by a third party (data portability)
  • Delete of my data (right to be forgotten)
  • Insight into a potential breach involving my data (right to insight)

Connectid Personal is a personal information manager (PIM) tool that enables the recording, tracking and administration of certain types of personal sensitive data.

How is this free?

Safe Online delivers both free and paid solutions to companies and individuals. Individuals can send requests for free through the Connectid Personal app, and companies can receive requests for free by using our data request platform. But companies can also upgrade to a paid version for a more automated experience and a platform that quickly collects data from internal core systems, and sends that data securely to the person requesting. This is a paid solution for an upgrade.

We are ambitious, and you can expect to see us develop and offer more valuable optional upgrades for Connectid Personal in the future.

Will you sell my data?

We will never share or sell any of your personal data!

We collect generic data on how our products or services are used so we can improve. For example, it’s helpful for us to know how many of our users are from outside the EU. Or how many requests certain industries receive compared to others.

This type of browsing/behavioral data cannot be connected to you or used to identify you or to contact you.

We take your data very seriously. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You are also welcome to read more in our Privacy Policy.

How do you keep my data safe?

Connectid Personal encrypts your personal data in transit using 4096-bit HTTPS encryption. HTTPS is used to protect against unwanted manipulation by digital communications. This way, your data is safe against unauthorized access.

Once your profile info along with the user’s company list is stored, it is also encrypted with 4096 bits, on servers handled by our service provider Microsoft Azure. The servers are also encrypted and subject to internal and external security. The servers are located in the EU.

How does the email scan work?

The Connectid Personal email scan looks for companies that store your personal data. It only scans the ‘from’ and ‘date’ fields – never the messages themselves. Your privacy is important to us.

Here are a few promises:

  • Connectid Personal only scans the “from” and “date” fields of emails you receive
  • No other information from the email is collected during this process
  • You can scan multiple email accounts
  • We care about privacy, read more in the app’s privacy policy

Can I just request all the companies that have my data delete it?

You have the right to be deleted at most of the companies that store your data. With Connectid Personnel, it is easy to request a company to delete your data.

Remember that some companies, such as public companies, have the right to have some information about you. Companies that you currently have a relationship with need some of your data to continue to offer you their services. Connectid Personal will help you find out who these companies are, what information they have, and make sure they only keep what is reasonable and necessary.

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