Quick-start guide for DataMapper

Sign up and download DataMapper

DataMapper lets you easily navigate through all your company’s documents from one dashboard.
  1. Create Account. You can add employee and customer names and invite users now (optional).
  2. Download DataMapper, and drag the DataMapper icon to applications,
  3. Open and sign in.
Tip: DataMapper can find personal data related to your current or former employees and customers. Add their names during setup, or at any time by choosing 'GDPR names' from the menu.

Download and installation video

GDPR names
Add customer and employee names to DataMapper to make sure you know where their personal information is and keep it safe.
  1. Open the top-right menu.
  2. Choose GDPR names.
  3. Enter names or copy and paste lists of names and save.
Tip: DataMapper can find sensitive data based on searching high-risk keywords, but adding names will give you a more specific result.

Add GDPR names video

Map GDPR risk factors
DataMapper finds and flags sensitive and personal documents that may present GDPR risks.
  1. Open the top-right menu.
  2. Choose the storage location you want to scan from My Locations.
  3. Select individual folders you want to search.

Tip: For best results, make sure you’ve already added names of current/former employees and customers, or add them now under the menu item'GDPR names'. To save time, you might copy and paste complete HR personnel lists and customer lists.

Review results
DataMapper will organize documents into 3 categories: High-risk, risk, and non-risk. From your DataMapper dashboard you can:
  1. Review documents containing CPR numbers or high-risk keywords.
  2. Search and filter your results by clicking the title of any column.
  3. Select specific documents and download them.
Tip: You'll see your 'Risk score' at the top left of your dashboard. You can decrease risk by deleting sensitive documents you no longer need, limiting access among team members and streamlining storage practices.
Scan select locations for data (video)

Invite users

Different members of your team may be storing company information in different locations online and on their own computers. Invite your whole team to join DataMapper so that all company information can be mapped for GDPR risk.
  1. Click the top-right menu.
  2. Choose 'Invite users'.
  3. Enter the emails of the team members you want to invite.

Tip: As the creator of the account, you are the administrator. When you invite members of your team to join DataMapper and they integrate their storage locations, all results will appear in your(admin) Dashboard, but each of them will only see their own results.

Invite users (video)

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