Quick-start guide: Admins


DataMapper lets you easily navigate through all your company’s sensitive documents from one dashboard, right from your browser

Set up DataMapper

  1. Sign in with your new username and password
  2. Select the storage locations your company uses
  3. Invite the rest of your team to connect their location
  4. Copy and paste employee and customer names 

Connect all your storage locations

Sign in and finish connecting your locations
  1. Go to data locations
  2. Select a location and specific folders to scan
  3. Click scan (some locations may require you to authenticate with login info

Monitor risk from your dashboard

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. See how many high-risk, risk, and non-risk documents you have
  3. See risk categories

Review risk documents

DataMapper finds and flags sensitive and personal documents that may present GDPR risks.
  1. Click risk documents
  2. Filter documents by type, person, keywords, etc.
  3. Click on a document to see why it was flagged 
  4. Mark documents as 'Ok' or 'Critical'

Invite users

Different members of your team may be storing company information in different locations online and on their own computers. Invite your whole team to join DataMapper so that all company information can be mapped for GDPR risk.
  1. Click Team
  2. Choose 'Send invitation'.
  3. Enter the emails of the team members you want to invite.
  4. Edit users to assign new admins

As the creator of the account, you are the administrator. When you invite members of your team to join DataMapper and they integrate their storage locations, all results will appear in your(admin) Dashboard, but each of them will only see their own results.

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