Connectid Business - Setup guide

Create a new account

  1. Enter your contact info
  2. Verify your email
  3. Create a password

✓ You can use Connectid Business right in your browser. No further installation is needed.

Upload your logo
  1. Go to General Settings
  2. Upload your company’s logo

✓ Having your logo on everything individuals see from Connectid Business builds your brand.

Set up a data request portal

  1. Go to Requests in Settings
  2. Copy the data request link
  3. Add it to your Privacy Policy
✓ Now requests can come to you in the same simple, structured format; logged and organized for on-time response.
How to set up a data request portal (video)

Invite users

  1. Go to Roles in Settings
  2. Enter the email of the person you want to invite
  3. Use the dropdown to assign one of the following roles to each user

Owner: Sets up an account, assigns users

Administrator: Assigns and manages users, sets up a request page and may set up and modify templates

System User: Receives and may respond to data requests

System Manager: Receives and may respond to data requests, may modify templates

How to invite users (video)

Security setup

After you’ve assigned all the roles,

  1. Scroll down the Roles page to Security
  2. Turn the approvals toggle on.
  3. Choose a default approver

✓ Requiring a second user’s approval before delivery for all data request responses increases security. You can change the approver for individual deliveries in a customer request card’s settings.

Templates setup

  1. Go to Templates in Settings
  2. Start the Setup Wizard
  3. Follow the instructions

✓ The Setup Wizard builds templates for the type of information your company collects. The categories you select here will also appear on your data request page, encouraging users to make simple requests of only the information they really want, rather than needlessly requesting all their information and saves your company valuable time and resources.

Templates setup (video)

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