2021-02-28 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates significant new features and changes for this release of the Connectid Mail. It also documents known issues.

2. About this release

This release incorporates some performance improvements, particularly in the folder load time and fixes some bugs from the previous release. There is no action required from the customer side to get the update.

3. Features

3.1. Folder performance optimization

As a part of general performance improvements in this release, the folder tab's have been optimized and refactored to achieve an overall better (faster load times) user experience. No changes have been made to lay-out or functionality. 

3.2. A company that has been unsubscribed to Connectid Mail, won't show in the user's add-in

Users who subscribe to Connectid Mail accounts from different companies will no longer see a company in the company selector when the company has been unsubscribed.  

3.3. Old address removed

The full address of Safe Online ApS has been removed from the Admin view's lower-left pane - now only showing Safe Online. 

4. List of other issues / Bug fixes in this release

0127758: When user switch company account, at some instances it did not redirect to the correct company page.
0131097: Footer section is missing in these sections (company section, preference, customer section)
0128031: When/if a second invitation link is sent, then the first should be disabled
0130802: Conflict between Company share folder and TrustedLink folder
0130801: Could not create a TrustedLink folder without reloading the page
0128335: Missing the "spinner" when new logo is selected

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