2021-01-31 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction 

The document communicates the major new features and changes in this release of the Connectid Mail. It also documents known issues. 

2. About 

This release incorporates a major change of making the service from B2B to B2C where the individual user will be able to use the Add-in for their personal use as well as become a part of any company to share data, request data, and using the trusted link. Now the application is available to a wider range of users.

To mention different features, it includes custom login UI for selecting different types of account (Office365 and Microsoft), updating individual profile, login with a personal account, invite single/multiple users, joining a new company, switching company option, company selection page, preference selection page, company list of a user, add company option, edit/delete/invite/unsubscribe for company admin on Connectid Mail. Apart from these main features, some improvements and bug fixes are included. 

3. Features 

3.1. Convert the application B2B to B2C 

In this release, the architecture of the application has been changed to support personal accounts so that users of hotmail.com, outlook.com, or live.com can install and use the application. Therefore, a user of a personal account of Microsoft can now use the application without being a part of any company. It has now more freedom than the previous version. Please note that users using gmail.com are not able to use the application. 

3.2. Introducing invitation process 

In this version, one customer can invite single or multiple users from their own company or from another company. Therefore, one user can be part of multiple companies and act as an independent member of any company. 

3.3. Updating individual profile 

In the B2C version, one customer is now connected to more companies, therefore, changing the profile, Name, Email from one company may affect the other company. In that case, the name and user fields are disabled. But the logged-in user himself can edit his/her name. 

3.4. Company list for users 

In earlier versions user belongs to only one company, therefore three was no need to look at other companies. In this release, there is a brand-new list for users where they can see the list of their companies where they belong as a member. It includes their personal company as well. An option of creating a new company is also available on this page.

3.5. Setting up a default company 

A user can be part of different companies. However, a user may want to set a company where the user does his/her activity most. Therefore, there is an option introduced to set the preference of the user. In this way, the user can set the default company. Once the user login to outlook and opens the Connectid Mail Add-in it will open that company directly as default. 

3.6. Switching company option 

In this version, Admin/user can switch company by their own choice both from Outlook Add-In as well as from Admin site.

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