2020-11-01 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

This release is an interim release to notify old manifest users to upgrade their app to the latest version so that those customers get the latest functionality of the app.
The old manifest file is pointing to this site: https://sharesimple.azurewebsites.net, whereas the new manifest is pointing to this site: https://mail.connectid.io.
In Azure, we have two app services running to support both the old version users and the new version users.
The latest version of Connectid Mail helps users with a virus scan. This virus scan is not supported by the old version. To identify the old version users and to provide them with a notice, this release introduces a message to all users of the old version.

2. About This Release

This release is an intermediate release and only provided to the users of the old version of Connectid Mail (https://sharesimple.azurewebsites.net).
This release does not have any impact on the users who are using the newest version of Connectid Mail (new manifest file), either from Microsoft AppSource or from a direct manifest version ( or later). This release does not include any other features as it is not a general release.

3. Features and improvements

In this release, a notification message is showing to the users of the old version from two different sections.

3.1. From Admin Site

From the admin site, the user will see a notification message – under all tabs (User, Logs, Folders, Consent, and Settings). The message will inform the user to change the app to the newest version and will show in either English or Danish, based on the user’s language.
It will be possible to send a notification mail to support@safeonline.dk so that the support team can communicate with the user and help them update to the latest version/manifest. The notification message is shown in the image below.

3.2. From Outlook Side Panel

From the Outlook app, when the user initiates the add-in, it will show the same message. The message will be shown inside the side panel of the add-in, just after the “Share Data” and “Request Data” buttons.
It will send an email to support@safeonline.dk the first time user sees the message while using the add-in.
The following image shows how it will appear inside the side panel.

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