2020-12-06 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates the major new features and changes in this release of the Connectid Mail. It also documents known issues.

2. About This Release

This release includes performance improvements of the log page, the acceptance of a longer top-level domain (TLD), and a couple of improvements behind the product for a better experience.

3. Features and improvements

3.1. Performance Improvement of the Log page

The Log page (accessible by the Customer’s Admin user) is constantly increasing. To improve the user experience, we have introduced an option to select only a period of the log. By default, it will show the last month of data. The Admin also gets an option to select the last one month, last two months, last six months, last one year, and all data from a pull-down menu.

3.2. Accepting longer top-level domain (TLD)

This means that you now can write to a mail address that ends on “.support“.

3.3. Tweaks and improvements behind the product for a better experience

  • Improved the email – securing that the One Time Password (OTP) emails are not ending up in the spam folder.
  • Files that are shared/requested – but are no longer accessible (present) – are removed from the list.

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