2021-03-28 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates major new features and changes for this release of the Connectid Mail. 

2. About this release

This release incorporates performance optimization and includes changes to resolve issues found in previous releases. Connectid Mail will update automatically. No action is required from users to update.

3. Features

3.1. Performance optimization

As a part of general performance improvements in this release, the following areas were optimized:

  • Share data log
  • Request data log
  • TrustedLink log
  • Company user list
  • Customer list for super admin

Performance was optimized with internal code refactoring and improved data retrieval on the backend, including pagination. Now, users can keep working in the application while data is being loaded in the background.

4. Issue/Bug fixes 

Changes were made in this version to resolve the following issues:

  • User folder content view was loading unnecessary data, slowing down processing
  • User folder 'Files' view (last step) was loading too slowly
  • Further EN to DK translation was needed
  • "Down arrow" bugs were resolved

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