2020-03-29 | Connectid Mail - TrustedLink | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates major new features and changes in this release of the Connectid Mail add-in for Office 365.

2. About This Release

This release includes two new features called TrustedLink and Try Now, along with changes and improvements to one-time password emails.

3. Features

3.1. Trusted Link 

In this release, an important feature called TrustedLink was incorporated into Connectid Mail.

  • Through this feature, an Admin can create a shareable link to a folder used for collecting and sharing files.
  • An Admin can share the folder with other members of the organization.
  • Every member of the folder will get a notification when a file is uploaded to that folder.
  • The files in the folder will have the same retention period as the requested data and will be deleted after that period.
  • The TrustedLink feature is an added functionality and an additional charge will be applied. The charge is billed on a monthly basis.

3.2. Simplified OTP email and change to a new email address

After observing several instances of not receiving the OTP email, a few changes were made in the application.

  • The OTP email was simplified and we removed the logo, background color, and text inside to reduce the possibility of it going to a spam box or being caught by a different mail server.
  • A new email address was configured to send emails to more effectively reach the inboxes of users.

3.3. Try Now 

When data is requested or shared with external users after uploading data or viewing data, external users come to a page where there is no action to perform after viewing, downloading, or uploading. Therefore, a new Try Now option is introduced taking external users to the AppSource and to the Connectid Mail Add-in to try the product by installing the add–in directly and signing up.

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