2020-04-29 | Connectid Mail - TrustedLink | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

This release note covers new features and changes to Connectid Mail and TrustedLink.

2. Features

2.1. Overall UI improvement- Usability

This release includes several improvements to user experience and some usability improvements. 
  • Cursor Positioning on the OTP page: Adjusted to better show the user where to start writing
  • Long file names in forms: File names have been adjusted so a long filename on files being uploaded will not overlap other text 
  • Default logo/company logo: Improvements to the company settings page to better show the company logo

2.2. Step guides for Sharing and Submitting files

Implementation of step guides for external users accessing the portal to view documents. These step guides will guide users through the steps for downloading files or submitting any data/file to a requester or any TrustedLink folder.

3. Improvements to TrustedLink feature

General improvements that have been made applied to TrustedLink
  • If removing any user from the company account, the system will check if that user is connected to any TrustedLink or any shared folder, before removing
  • Added the email address of the person uploading information to TrustedLink to the notification email sent to TrustedLink owners 

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