2018-09-26 | Connectid Mail | v. 1.0.0

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates major new features and changes for this release of the ShareSimple (now Connectid Mail) add-in for Outlook 365. 

2. About this release

This is the first official major release of ShareSimple (now Connectid Mail). This Add-in was built for sharing confidential files and information securely and effectively.

3. New features and improvements

  • Personal information is not visible in the email body. It is only shown by following a link. If no data is provided, then a “No data provided” message is saved against a filed name.
  • This version made changes to the success message shown after the successful submission of data.
  • New turn one-time password on/off feature. Each time a person views shared information, he/she must go through a one-time password process. Company Admins can now turn this feature on or off.
  • Company admin can add, edit or remove consent. Only one consent for requested data and shared data will be activated at a time. The default consent message is labeled as DRAFT.
  •  The status column in Logs. In the Logs section, a separate column is added to display status,  which files are still available and which are deleted. The date on which the files were deleted is displayed below a deleted status.
  •  The company shared folder. An admin can create shared folders and set who can view and download files, however, the Admin cannot see the content of the folder. Admin can create a separate user account to view his/her own shared folder.
  • Settings under integration automatically send an email. In the settings options, there are two options to change integration settings: SharePoint Integration and Microsoft Azure Integration. After clicking either of those buttons the system automatically sends an email to complaint@safeonline.dk with information about the company.
  • Update settings confirmation message. After clicking the update settings button on the settings page, a “Record updated successfully” message is displayed at the center of the page so that user can see it clearly.
  • Information area. An information area has been added as a footer to each Admin page so that users get the message to find whom to call, whom to email, and so on for the website.
  •  Customizable Price. Super Admin can change the price for each user and transaction in the billing section. Super admin link is https://sharesimple.azurewebsites.net
  •  Access with URL for folders and admin. By providing the link: https://sharesimple.azurewebsites.net, a user can directly access his folders, an Admin can directly access the Admin panel and a Super Admin can directly access company information.
  • Back option in Super Admin mode. Super Admin can see the list of companies. Once a Super Admin goes inside a company then the Super Admin may act as an Admin of that company. A back option is introduced in the version to return to the previous screen.
  • Contact person. A contact person's name is introduced on the settings page for each company. An admin can set the contact person's name on the Settings page.
  • Phone prefix. On the setting page, the phone prefix is reorganized and made in ascending order.
  • Requested data received from multiple people can be saved.
  • In previous versions, the Admin navigation bar was not visible in the Safari Browser. Now supports Safari browser.

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