2020-09-08 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

This document communicates major new features and improvements in this release of the Connectid Mail add-in for Office 365. 

2. About This Release 

This release includes a deployment environment change including a virus scanning feature for Connectid Mail, as well as improved OTP emails. 

3. Features and improvements

3.1. Virus scanning

The files for Connectid Mail are stored in BLOB storage in Azure. It uses security features from Azure BLOB offered by Microsoft. In this version, an additional layer of security is incorporated by scanning the file before sending it BLOB Storage. This is done internally using a CalmAV server to identify virus files using CalmAV’s standard definition of a virus file.When users try to upload a file, the file is scanned by the virus scanner before saving it to BLOB. If a virus is detected, then it is not added to BLOB, and the user is notified.

3.2. Automated Deployment to Azure

The deployment process is now automated using the DevOps process from Azure DevOps. The Azure Build Pipeline deploys the changes to the Production Application. Previously we used a Windows server to host the application. This version will use a Linux server with App service plan from Linus. This will make the application more secure and robust, with a prerequisite to incorporate a virus scanning engine.

3.3. Improved OTP emails to bypass SPAM filters and arrive directly to user inbox

In previous versions, we received feedback that OTP (One-Time Password) emails showed up in users’ “Junk/Spam” folders rather than in their inboxes. Changes were made following every recommendation for standard mail sending operation; with TXT records added to help ensure OTP emails are delivered directly to each user’s inbox.

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