2020-03-01 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

The document communicates the major new features and improvements in this release of Connectid Mail for Office 365.

2. New features and improvements

  • Multiple file uploads. Connectid Mail had two main functions: Share data and Request data. In both instances, data can be uploaded as files. In previous versions, files had to be uploaded one at a time, as it requires transactions related to BLOB and the database. This latest version has been improved to allow users to upload multiple files at once. Multiple file uploads can be done for both when a Connectid Mail shares data, and when the persons he/she requests data from submitting their own files. Upload speed will vary depending on internet capability during the transfer of files to BLOB.
  • Admins can add themselves to a shared folder when an account has multiple Admins

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