2020-05-14 | Connectid Mail | v.

New product update

1. Introduction

This document communicates major new features and improvements in this release of the ConnectidMail add-in for Office 365. 

2. About This Release 

This release adds a new consent option for users uploading files to TrustedLink. It also improves invoicing, with partner invoicing and multiple invoices for multiple currencies. UI settings improvements are also included in this version, along with other miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.

3. Features and improvements

3.1. Partner invoicing

Previous versions of Connectid Mail created an invoice in eConomic for each customer separately. This release introduces the option to create partners. Customers with the same partner code will have an aggregated invoice generated for the partner rather than for each individual customer. However, when customers connected to the same partner code use different currencies, separate invoices will be generated for each currency.

3.2. Introducing consent forms for TrustedLink

This release introduces consent messages that can be added to TrustedLink folders. Admins will have the option to add a consent message to any TrustedLink folder when creating or updating that folder.  Companies with multiple TrustedLink folders can set up each with its own consent message, or set up some folders that require consent before uploading files and others that do not.

3.3. Consent messages saved for TrustedLink

In the case of folders that are set to require consent, users will be prompted to give consent before uploading files and their consent will be automatically saved as a .txt file inside the same folder.

3.4. Consent messages saved when requesting data with Connectid Mail

When requesting data with Connectid Mail, the user is prompted to give consent before uploading files. That consent will be automatically saved as a .txt file inside the same folder.

3.5. TrustedLink folder structure improvements

In previous releases, TrustedLink showed all files uploaded in a list of ‘all files’. This release improves folder structure by organizing files and showing them in order of user email address and time of upload. 

3.6. Settings page improvements

Admins will see changes in the appearance of the settings page. It will now allow admins to view settings options by category. Admins can update settings for any category as needed. Additionally, there is now an option to introduce new categories for different settings required by the application.   

3.7. An admin cannot delete or deactivate him/herself

In this version, an admin cannot delete or deactivate him/herself. Another admin must delete or set him/her as inactive. This is a security measure to prevent companies from inadvertently deleting all admins and thus being locked out of settings.

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